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Bite Me is a Web series developed by Machinima. It's about three guys trying to survive the apocalypse and saving a lot of people from the undead. This series has two seasons, season 1 has 5 episodes. The first episode came out on December 2, 2010 which is 6 years ago. The second season has 10 episodes, the first episode came out on March 5,2012 on Machinima's Youtube Channel.  Fans are still waiting for the third season of the Bite me Web Series. The third season is leaked on Bite me Fan page. There might be a third seaosn coming soon. This show has actors such as Yousef Abu-Taleb (Jeff Meyer), Justin Giddings (Greg Williams), Ryan Welsh (Mike Rowe), Danni Lennon (Shawna), Risdon Roberts (Lauren), Morgan Benoit (Derrick), and Ricco Ross ( General Joseph McRuby).

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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson as he appears in Season 2

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